Mickey Robertson – Glenmore House – Australia

Anastasia GeorgeuTestimonials

I was invited to write a book about Glenmore…the journey really…from discovering it as a collection of dilapidated buildings, to the design of the house, through to making the garden – not just the kitchen garden, but the whole.

Of course the chapter on the Kitchen Garden is, to me, the most important of all and the publishers were insistent about including the food I prepare here at the Kitchen Gardening and all other event days (it has grown somewhat since you were here…..we run all kinds of small scale events, but the kitchen garden and seasonal produce is at the very core of every aspect).

And so, I just wanted you to know that I couldn’t live without some of your recipes! They became part of my repertoire long ago…right now I’m in the midst of a Sicilian Caponata frenzy…Gazpacho coming up next; it was Broad Bean smash and vegetable soup in the spring, and the Chestnut Flour cake has become a firm favourite!

So they, and you, have become part of the Glenmore story. Of course, there are loads of other sources for recipes as well, but these are among ones that have people licking their fingers, and they always give me cause to refer to you, the first cooking classes that happened at Glenmore and the influence you had on some of my food preparation direct from the garden. I like being able to do that, as I and everyone who attended those first classes learned a great deal from you. So you may be gone from here Anastasia, but you are certainly not forgotten!

And so I hope to include them in the book, with reference to you and of course to Foodology. How I wish you were still HERE!

I imagine that one day I might be selling a book of yours here in the Barn – it’s something I’ve no doubt you will do one day, perhaps when Ayla-Rose gives you a little time, but right now, your time with her is absolute gold – enjoy every single minute.