Sandy Liddle – Mum and Researcher in the DA’s Leadership Office for Mmusi Maimane

Anastasia GeorgeuTestimonials

I have known Anastasia since we were young children, and so I feel well qualified to vouch for both her good character and her brilliant cooking and teaching skills.

Anastasia is what I would call a “genius in the kitchen”. She is a complete natural. She seems to effortlessly toss together various ingredients, creating superb flavours in highly original or unusual dishes. What is more impressive, is that her food is always wholesome and life-promoting. Add to that the inescapable truth that Stas is funny, charming, sexy and smart, and you cannot but conclude that she is the perfect candidate for a cook-book. But one factor tops it for me: authenticity. She hasn’t suddenly taken up cooking and is now masquerading as a foodie. She is a foodie to the core. She’s loved food and cooking and been good at it since she was a child, cooking for her dad and brother after her mum died. Stas is what you get when raw talent meets decades of passionate cooking. Anastasia is the real deal.