About Foodology

As a nutritionist and passionate whole foodie, I think it’s safe to say I’m a little obsessed by food… with ethical produce, sustainable eating, real nutrition, local and seasonal ingredients, and all things delicious. In fact, I have made it my mission to spread the word on the fundamentals of whole food cooking and eating – making it simpler for you to enjoy and reap the benefits of my honest-to-goodness approach to food.

I believe gourmet goodness stretches from soil to plate and it’s this passion that informs my wellness coaching, motivates my cooking classes and informs my choices about what I eat and grow!

Foodology’s Classes

Foodology’s intimate and interactive classes – held at Fig Tree House in Kenilworth, Cape Town – include:

  • Whole Food Workshops – all the basics in two parts
  • Advanced Foodie Master Classes
  • Nutrition for Children
  • Seasonal Eating

Classes can also be tailored to accommodate dietary and allergy needs. I’m also on hand to advise or help you when you need it.

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what foodology does

Anastasia offers the following services:

  • Recipe and product development
  • Menu planning and development
  • Private health and wellness coaching for individuals and families
  • Advice and support on changing your way of life to a chemical-free body, home and environment
  • Teaching in all areas of health and nutrition
  • Helping parents with nourishing children and those with food allergies and intolerances.
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About anastasia

My Journey

I began cooking for my family as a teenager when we moved from South Africa to the UK after my mother died. I quickly realised that food was my passion. I completed my education in the UK, receiving a BSc Honours Degree in Nutrition and Food Science at Oxford Brookes University. I started off working in the food industry as a product developer for premier retailers such as Marks & Spencer and Woolworths.

My sense of adventure – and love! – took me to Australia for eight years, where I became involved in the organic whole foods movement, changing forever the way I bought and prepared food. While living in Sydney, I started growing my own vegetables and shopped at food markets and artisan food suppliers.

I was able to carry on with my food and health studies, which led me to teaching and sharing my knowledge in wholefood cooking classes, including seasonal cooking days at Glenmore House. Health issues at the time pushed me to even deeper learning, and I discovered ways to heal myself holistically.

My experiences have helped me to not only understand the theory behind eating and living well, but have also given me the life experience one needs when dealing with people.


I returned to South Africa in 2011, rebuilding and renovating Fig Tree House in Upper Kenilworth in Cape Town. I opened my cooking school, focusing on my vegetable garden and eating seasonally and as local as possible. I am now also a mother, which has given me the opportunity to put all my whole food eating principles into practice in nourishing my child.

Passions & Areas of Expertise

  • Eating and living in ways that are kind to the planet
  • Whole food preparation and eating
  • Gut health and its importance in whole body health
  • Nourishing children and families
  • Special dietary needs


  • BSc Honours Degree in Nutrition and Food Science (Oxford Brooke University, United Kingdom)
  • Check Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Check Institute, United States)
  • Body Stress Release Practitioner (Body Stress Release Academy, South Africa)
  • Self-taught study into cooking methods, Ayurveda, whole foods nutrition, food of traditional cultures and food-focused travel around the world

Meet anastasia

Hi, I’m Anastasia, a nutritionist, and health and wellness coach based in Cape Town.

I believe in food in its most natural whole form, the way nature intended. I eat with the seasons and as locally as possible. This means that food is nutrient dense, it tastes its best, and the foods available are naturally compatible. I try to eat indigenous, organic or chemical-free foods whenever I can as I know it’s not only better for my health but for the future of our planet.

Other Information

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