Gut Health Nut Granola Date Ball Recipe

Gut Health Nut Granola Date Ball Recipe

With all my recipes, I encourage you to add your personal touch, adjusting ingredient quantities to suit your taste and intuition.⁠

Date Ball Ingredients:⁠

~ 2 cups Foodology Luxury Gut Health Granola⁠
~ ½ Cup dates⁠
~ 2 heaped teaspoons of Cacao powder. (Carob powder for kids or ⁠those with adrenal fatigue)⁠
~ Cacao or desiccated coconut to coat⁠



Method: ⁠

~ Blend all the ingredients together, adding a little water to get it moving a bit.⁠
~ Roll into balls and roll in the coating.⁠
~ Keep it in the fridge.⁠

Optional extras which will make them extra yummy:

~ Extra Cacao, cocoa, or carob for a richer chocolate flavour.⁠
~ Carob is a kid-friendly or adrenal-friendly alternative to raw cacao.⁠
~ Vanilla powder or natural vanilla essence.⁠
~ A drop of mint or orange essential oil (I use the @youngliving brand). ⁠
~ Any nut butter.⁠
~ Ghee.⁠
~ Extra activated nuts, such as hazelnuts for a Nutella-like taste. ⁠
~ Any ground-up nuts leftover from making nut milk.⁠


Much love, Foodology Founder, Anastasia Georgeu ⁠

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