• Garden Route

    Le Naturalem- Online 

    Kwikspar - Plett

    Mac Nut Deli - Plett 

    Thyme and Again - Plett

    Nature's Way Farm Stall - Plett

    Old Nicks Wednesday Market - Plett

    Little Wellness Place - Thesan Island 

    Health and Living - George

  • Cape Town

    Organic Living - Constantia

    Sans Community - Seapoint

    Sea Point Spar - Seapoint

    Slow Food Club - Liesbek Food Club

    The Good Stuff - Cavendish

    Organic Route - Hout Bay

    Wheelers Pharmacy - Hout bay

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Do you own a health store, a guest house or manage a retreat? Are you interested in stocking or serving our Luxury Gut Health Granola and offering your clients a premium, gut-friendly product that aligns with their well-being goals? I'd love to partner with you!

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Premium Quality: Our Luxury Gut Health Granola is handmade with love using only the finest organic and local ingredients, ensuring top-notch quality and flavour.

Gut Health Benefits: Our granola contains activated nuts, making it more easily digestible and a smart choice for those focused on gut health.

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Contact me today on anastasia@foodology.co.za. I look forward to partnering with you to promote wellness and delicious, nutritious choices.

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