Hi, I'm Anastasia!

From a teenager, I started cooking for my family in South Africa. My culinary journey has taken me around the globe, all seasoned with my love for food. With a BSc Honours Degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Oxford Brookes University, my career began as a product developer for renowned retailers like Marks & Spencer and Woolworths.

My adventures led me to Australia, where I immersed myself in the organic whole foods movement, forever changing my approach to food. I started cultivating my own vegetables, frequented food markets, and embraced artisanal food suppliers. My passion for food and health eventually led me to become an educator, teaching wholefood cooking classes and sharing my holistic knowledge. Over the years, I've delved into gut health, holistic healing, and nourishing children and families.

In 2011, I returned to South Africa, where I opened my cooking school and focused on growing my own produce. I'm now a mother, putting my wholefood principles into practice to nourish my child.

Today, I reside in the Garden Route near Plettenberg Bay, where I'm building an off-grid, sustainable home surrounded by indigenous forest. In addition to my roles as a mother and homesteader, I'm a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, educator, and practitioner at the Oppidium Gut Health retreats.

My passions and areas of expertise include changing our approach to children's diets, promoting eco-friendly living, enhancing food digestibility, prioritising gut health, and teaching about special dietary needs. My educational journey spans a BSc Honor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Science, training as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Body Stress Release Practitioner, and Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner, along with self-taught studies in cooking methods, Ayurveda, and traditional foods.

  • Passions & Areas of Expertise

    • My main passion and purpose in this lifetime is to change what we are feeding our children, the effects of supermarket food, processed food 
    • Eating and living in ways that are kind to the planet
    • Whole food preparation and eating to make food more digestible
    • Gut health and its importance in whole body health
    • Gut cleansing/detoxing  with various types of enemas and detox food plans
    • Nourishing children and families
    • Teaching and education around special dietary needs
  • Education

    • BSc Honor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Science (Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom)
    • Check Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Check Institute, United States)
    • Body Stress Release Practitioner (Body Stress Release Academy, South Africa)
    • Self-taught study into cooking methods, Ayurveda, whole foods nutrition, food of traditional cultures and food-focused travel around the world
    • Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Training -  Ancient chinese deep abdominal massage that works the chi/energy of the internal organs.
    • Permaculture Design Course Training - The Permaculture Design Principles are a set of universal design principles that can be applied to any location, climate and culture, and they allow us to design the most efficient and sustainable human habitation and food production systems.