Why Our Luxury Gut Health Granola?

I'm Anastasia, a product developer (so I understand what goes into food ‘products’) and gut
health nutritionist. Foodology Granola, takes immense pride in creating a granola with integrity, and high quality ingredients, yummy and good for the gut. Our Luxury Gut Health Granola is more than just exceptionally delicious; it's crafted with activated nuts, a special preparation method that ensures increased digestibility and high nutrient density, providing sustained energy throughout your day.

I have years of experience with gut health and food products, not just a trendy product with
‘perceived’ health value and sold at a health shop – that does not make it healthy.

What makes our Granola stands out from the rest:

Activated Nuts For Aiding Digestion:

What sets our granola apart are the activated nuts. Raw nuts are soaked to remove anti-nutrients and then gently dried at low temperatures to preserve the natural fats which are otherwise destroyed at high temperatures. They are not only lighter and tastier but also kind to your digestion. Activation, or soaking/sprouting, of nuts, is the key to unlocking their nutritional potential. It releases enzyme inhibitors, promoting better digestion and nutrient absorption.

Gluten and Wheat Free:

Our Granola naturally does not contain gluten because we do not add grains to bulk up our recipe. A gluten-free diet can lead to a range of health benefits. By eliminating gluten many people experience improved digestive health. This is even more essential for individuals with celiac disease, gut health problems or even gluten sensitivity. Going gluten-free often results in reduced digestive discomfort, increased energy levels, and better nutrient absorption.

Peanut and linseed free:

We steer clear of peanuts due to their high inflammatory properties. When it comes to linseeds, they boast numerous health benefits, but they require grinding or soaking to remove their anti-nutrients; otherwise, they can lead to gut inflammation. Additionally, they are often used as 'cheap' fillers in numerous 'low carb' products today, which doesn't align with our commitment to quality and your well-being

Plant-Based (Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans Who Eat Honey!):

Rooted in a wholefoods philosophy, our granola offers a flavourful experience for both vegetarians and vegans who include a little honey in their diet.

Processed Sugar-Free:

We're firm believers in the natural sweetness found in real ingredients. Our granola proudly steers clear of processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, and sugar alcohols like xylitol or erythritol. Instead, we embrace the goodness of natural sweeteners, like a touch of raw local honey and dates. These natural sweeteners not only bring sweetness but also come packed with other beneficial components, unlike refined sugars that strip away nutrients from the body. Meanwhile, artificial sweeteners can disrupt your body's balance, and sugar alcohols may lead to gut discomfort and gas issues. We prioritize your well-being, from taste to digestion.

No Trans Fats:

You won't find trans fats in our granola. We're committed to offering you a healthy snack. Trans fats raise LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and disrupt the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, leading to an excess of omega-6 fatty acids, which can trigger inflammation in the body.

No Enzyme and Nutrient Inhibitors:

Unlike raw nuts, our activated nuts are free from enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid that can hinder digestion and blocks nutrient absorption.

Paleo Conscious:

For those embracing a Paleo lifestyle, our granola is the perfect fit, aligning with your dietary choices.

Banting Conscious:

Our granola is versatile and can be enjoyed as part of a Banting or keto diet, provided you consider your overall carbohydrate intake for the day. With just 8g of total carbohydrates per 40g serving, the predominantly nut-based composition ensures that healthy fats help balance and stabilize the minimal natural sugars present in the granola.

Supports Local:

We prioritize using organic and local ingredients whenever possible, supporting local communities and sustainable agriculture.

Grain (Oats) Free and Low Carb:

Nearly all grains such as oats unless properly prepared will inflame the gut lining. Our granola is intentionally and absolutely grain and oats free to minimise the risk of allergies, gut irritation and inflammation. 

So What Are 'Activated Nuts'?

"Activated" has become a food-industry term to describe nuts and seeds that have been soaked and then either dehydrated or oven-dried at low temperatures. Activated nuts are lighter, tastier, more easily digested and more nutritious than raw roasted nuts.

Raw nuts contain enzyme inhibitors, phytic acid and other anti-nutrients that cause digestive problems and nut intolerances in some individuals. They reduce our body's ability to absorb other nutrients, block the absorption of essential minerals, and inhibit enzymes essential for good digestion. Activating (or soaking/sprouting) nuts releases the enzyme inhibitors and makes these tasty treats even more nutritious!

Heating nuts above 50 degrees for an extended period destroys the beneficial enzymes and healthy fats in the nuts. Therefore we dry them at low temperatures to make them nice and crunchy.

Beware Our Granola is Addictive!

My Gut Health Granola is more than a granola; it's a commitment to your well-being. Enjoy it on its own as a nutritious snack or elevate your mornings by pairing it with full-cream yogurt and fresh fruit. Great for kids lunchboxes or a nutritious dessert with cooked fruit and coconut cream or organic raw cream. Nourishing your gut without feeling deprived and satisfying your body.

Order yours today and let’s start your journey to a happier, healthier gut.

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